Alan Gold


Alan is co-founder, former president and creative chief of Westfall Gold, a major donor fundraising consultancy and experience design agency with a mission to fuel life transformation. As the chief architect of messaging strategy, Alan has been instrumental in helping literally dozens of missions, global relief organizations, homeless centers, medical nonprofits, leadership networks, universities and many others raise close to two billion dollars to ease suffering and change lives around the world. 

An award-winning writer, producer, creative director and veteran of both secular brand advertising and nonprofit fundraising, Alan looks forward to helping One Collective fulfill its unique vision. Although brand new to the board, he has spent five years working alongside President Scott Olson and travelling with him to witness One Collective’s courageous and compassionate work in Nicaragua, Ecuador, and even Ukraine.  

Alan is truly a global citizen. As a missionary kid, he was born with triple citizenship in Thailand, Australia and the United States. He was raised in Thailand, spent school days in Viet Nam and Malaysia, went to college in California, attended grad school in Atlanta, married a woman from New jersey—and has three grown sons living in Atlanta, the Bronx and Brisbane, Australia.  

 Alan and his wife, Carolyn, live in Atlanta with a cat, a dog, and a yard full of chipmunks. 

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