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About EQUIP:

One Collective EQUIP is a modular online training curriculum designed for small groups and teams within an organization, church, or business who desire to work cross-culturally, develop as leaders, or facilitate community transformation.

The teaching offered is foundational for anyone. We recognize that there are varying levels of experience and knowledge represented in each group, which is why we have shaped the content and questions to allow for self-guided learning to correspond to your needs as a leader. We take a blended approach to learning and integrate the following key components: spiritual formation, Biblical practices, adult interactive education, and creative arts. We acknowledge a variety of learning styles and vary our methods to allow for that diversity.

One strength of this program is our approach to peer learning. Like-minded individuals come together to learn from each other and wrestle with the challenges of their own growth as leaders and the growth of their communities. The design of the courses leverages community within groups and builds and deepens those relationships for maximum effectiveness.

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