Road cutting through Central Asian dessert with rugged mountains in the background

There are a number of ways you can join us in meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the invisible in Central Asia from participating in a sports camp to business training to outreach to mountain shepherds.

However, we also have a primary need for those who have a heart for women who are oppressed or praying for the spiritually lost.

Women living in Muslim villages are often oppressed by abusive husbands and are not given the dignity and honor that they deserve. Your team would provide pampering love and affection by providing activities and crafts for their kids, massages or haircuts, special hygiene gifts, and whatever other creative ideas that you might have to bless these women.  Let these women know that they are special and that God cares about them.

We also love to intercede for Muslims living in villages and/or remote mountain areas. This would include prayer walks, prayer drives, and prayer hikes around the villages where these Muslims live as well as in their homes. Your team would also have the opportunity to pray with other foreigners at the house of prayer in our city. These kinds of trips bring significant breakthrough for the workers who are working long-term on the ground.

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