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The Transform Uzhhorod Team focuses on bringing people together to help the oppressed in Uzhhorod, Ukraine.  We have put together an Alliance of 14 local churches and 22 local organizations to bring about transformation so that no one is invisible, and everyone has access to food, freedom and forgiveness.  Our team focuses on children at risk, the Roma community, and university students.

There are a myriad of ways we could use a STT in Uzhgorod.  We can customize an experience to fit the mission and experience of the STT.  Some examples in the past include assisting in a camp experience with children, building relationships with university students culminating in a evangelistic event, medical team to Roma camps, and working with orphans.  Other options would be to hold VBS for Roma children, build relationships with high school and university students in English classes, and hold activities with special needs young adults.  Because we have such a large alliance, we can build a project to the desire of the team.

Your contribution is enormous to us in Uzhhorod.  First, it gives us the energy and people-power to build our relationship in one of the key communities in which we are ministering.  But your short term with us in not the end of the ministry.  As you build relationships with people in our community, you can continue to have an impact on them through social media platforms.  Second, it builds our relationship with that community as it demonstrates that we care about them.  And of most importance, it demonstrates the love of Christ to our community.

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