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Short-Term Teams


Asked Questions

Opportunities with One Collective

How is a short-term team through One Collective different than others?
In many ways, our short-term teams help fuel transformation as an integral part of Integrated Community Transformation (ICT), an intentional long-term strategy focused on bringing individuals, organizations and communities together through the principles and practices of Jesus. Our teams engage people as whole beings through the compassionate work of meeting physical needs and the invitational nature of meeting spiritual needs. Additionally, many of our teams have a central focus on relationship building, not just project completion, since relationships are such a crucial component of healthy long-term transformation. This enables locals and long-term workers to continue to build relationships long after a short-term team leaves. Additionally, any potential projects that teams help accomplish are often carried out under or alongside local leadership and also feed into long-term community goals that have already been established.
How can I learn more about Integrated Community Transformation (ICT), One Collective's approach?
This helpful video gives an easy-to-understand overview of ICT and how communities are being transformed.
Do you organize teams for churches, schools/universities, or businesses?
Absolutely! To inquire about a team for your group, simply use the contact form at the bottom of the page.
What other opportunities are there to get involved with One Collective?
There are many opportunities to get involved including praying, giving, going (short, mid and long-term), partnering, and learning through a variety of One Collective educational courses. You can explore more of those opportunities using the navigation buttons at the top of the page. If you have any questions, simply use the contact form at the bottom of this page or contact us.

General Considerations

What are the team member requirements?
  • Attributes
    The following attributes may seem 'common sense,' but please do not overlook them. We cannot overemphasize how crucial these attributes are throughout the short-term process.
    • Openness to let the Spirit move in your life
    • Flexibility
    • Humility
    • Team player
    • Willingness to learn
  • Specifics
    • Physically capable/in good health
    • Must be 18 years of age (exceptions on an individual basis)
    • Must agree to participate in all 5 required team meetings and self-studies
    • Fulfill your personal responsibility for your portion of team costs through personal funds or fundraising
    • Travel with the team
    • Agree to the code of conduct, liability waiver, and statement of faith during the application process
    • If traveling internationally, have or be able to obtain a passport with 6 months validity after return date of the team
Can I go with One Collective if I am not a US citizen?
One Collective welcomes non-US citizens to apply as a team member. However, it is the sole responsibility of the applicant to ensure they have completed all paperwork, visas, etc. to grant them legal clearance to travel to and from whichever countries are part of the team.
Are there any language requirements besides English?
No. Many communities have translators available. However, speaking in the host-community's language, even just a few words, is one way to demonstrate your willingness to build relationships.

Cost and Financials

What is the typical cost?
Cost varies with each team since length of stay, number of team members, exchange rate, project funds, and availability and cost of lodging, transportation, etc. vary with each location. Our field communities create a customized budget for all the variables related to your team.
What is typically included in the cost?
Typically included are grounds costs such as transportation, meals, and lodging, project funds for ministry activities, supplemental travel protection, administrative and training resource support, translators (if needed), and self-guided short-term training.
What is typically not included in the cost?
Airfare, background check, vaccinations, hard-copy training resources (if applicable to your team), and personal spending.


Does One Collective train and debrief participants?
We have arranged a self-guided team training that includes 5 team meetings and 5 individual self-studies that will engage the team in spiritual and cultural preparation. The team leader will guide the team meetings with invaluable, ongoing administrative and coaching support throughout the entire preparation process.
What do I need to do to prepare for a short-term team?
In addition to the team trainings and self-studies, the greatest thing you can do is spend consistent time with Jesus and let him prepare you - mind, body, soul - to be a flexible, humble learner ready to serve those around you. These attributes are going to be more crucial than you likely realize and you can actually begin to practice these attributes now (and long after!) your short-term team.
Will I need immunizations?
Possibly. Each field community will have different requirements. We recommend consulting the Center for Disease Control to learn which, if any, immunizations are recommended or required for the community you are visiting.
Will I need a passport?
Possibly. If you are travelling within the United States or to a US protectorate, you will only need a government issued ID and a copy of a birth certificate (to a protectorate). International travel will require a passport. We recommend securing a passport regardless as it is the most widely accepted form of ID while travelling. For more information on how to obtain a new or renewed passport, visit or visit your local post office.
What is a travel visa and will I need one?
A travel visa is a document that represents a foreign government’s approval for you to enter their country.

Travel visa requirements vary by country. However, the vast majority of our communities do not require a travel visa for United States citizens. You may check this website to see if a country requires a travel visa for US citizens. However, the most up-to-date information can be found on each country's embassy web page.

In The Community

Is the community safe?
Yes. Our field communities and security team work together to ensure the safety of our field workers, which includes safety for short-term teams. If a community were deemed unsafe we would not allow a short-term team to visit. Additionally, One Collective will offer security training as part of the pre-visit process. As is the case with any type of travel, instances can occur without warning.
Where do we sleep and what do we eat?
Our field communities will inform you of which lodging options are available and their recommended approach to meals as resources vary from community to community. You can rest assured lodging and meals will be sufficient, if not comfortable. You will learn more about those details when you/the team have secured your dates to visit a community.
What if I have food or medical allergies?
Team members will be encouraged to share any allergies during the pre-field process so the team leader and our field communities can be aware of these needs. Our field communities will do their best to accommodate allergies that would result in legitimate bodily illness. You should bring any necessary medications that treat allergic reactions. Regarding food, the field will consider legitimate dietary allergies in their plans, but will need flexibility from team members with dietary preferences.

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