The way forward - bringing the transforming ways of Jesus to the oppressed and invisible in our world - is found in the unique relationship of physical and spiritual solutions to troubling circumstances.



  • You’ve become part of training and empowering new workers and Catalysts eager to serve in some very difficult places.
  • New entrepreneurial initiatives are already coming to life – creating sustainable and lasting change.
  • And followers of Jesus among people and communities ignored for too long are eagerly embracing the love Jesus offers.


Training centers in South Africa and an Arab majority country in northern Africa tackle the problems of crushing unemployment by creating new local businesses, mentoring youth, and enabling followers of Jesus to organically build relationships with many who have yet to discover the life Jesus offers.

In Europe, two new businesses are focusing on offering a community space and coffee shop to bring together youth and grow a ministry reaching students while also growing a self-sustaining business complete with mentoring and training opportunities.

And in an unreached area in Asia, an entrepreneurial training center will soon influence up to 10 isolated cities, equipping local leaders who daily face persecution because they follow Jesus. These leaders will be nurtured in their business start-ups - designed to support their effort to follow the ways of Jesus and transform their communities in this holistic work.

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