“This is an opportunity to be part of something that’s bigger than us.”

- Tim & Becky Obendorf - One Collective friends and supporters since 2008 EDIT THIS


Becky and Tim Obendorf have become an important part of how lives and communities throughout the world are being transformed today – giving to One Collective for more than a decade and through Tim’s service on the Board of Directors.

“We have always been involved with helping and giving, but never as deeply as we are with One Collective,” Becky says. “We both grew up in the church and we both have a lot of family involved with missions (and Tim was born in Nigeria when his parents were serving there),” but she adds, “I was disillusioned with some of the organizations my family had been part of because they didn’t see what it really takes to transform people’s lives.”

“Yeah, it’s not an either/or – it takes a holistic approach to meeting people where they’re at and figuring out how we can help,” Tim offers, “by respecting the communities and people instead of imposing our ideas on them about how to help.” And, “that’s why being part of One Collective is important to us.”

“We’ve been blessed in so many ways, and God has given us the opportunity to use our resources and influence to help the oppressed – that’s important, and we feel a responsibility to do that.”



“Those who suffer oppression – those kept from available resources, experience injustice and poverty that just keep them from what God wants for them,” Tim says, “it shouldn’t be this way.” (He saw this firsthand during a visit to a One Collective community in South Africa and it left an indelible impression.)

“This is an opportunity to be part of something that’s bigger than us. We can’t have this kind of impact on our own, but we can be part of so much more by being part of One Collective.”

“We all know that we’re stewards of what God has given us – and we’re accountable to be sure what we have is put to good use. So for us, we’re not just looking for something that feels good, but we want our giving to actually accomplish something – and that’s One Collective.”

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