Real, sustainable change for the oppressed in our world is happening today – and you are making it possible. In this year you’ve made yourself an important part of coming alongside the oppressed and invisible in 43 communities throughout the world. Thank you.

We’ve heard from you – your concern for the oppressed and your confidence in the ways of Jesus to transform their lives and communities. Discovering how much more you can do by joining a generous community that is equipping and empowering tangible change in our world is important to you. 

This is why we’re eager to share with you news of great strides in how sustainable change is happening in some very difficult places, and how your generosity contributes to the growth and strengthening of the way Jesus is changing lives today.

Your concern for the plight of the oppressed and what can be done to transform their lives is real – and justified. It’s common to face frustration over how much change can really happen in lives and communities today.


We agree: the days of rearranging problems is no longer enough – it’s time to change what’s possible, and that’s what you’re doing with One Collective.

Sustainable transformation begins with one life - Empowering a Catalyst who creates relationships and a strategy to break cycles of oppression through the ways of Jesus.

These new relationships – working alongside local change-makers – create one community and build on the passion and strengths of those who follow Jesus. By creating opportunities to free the oppressed and by confronting genuine needs, transformation takes root.

This transformation builds momentum when the ways of Jesus grow more pervasive within the community and passionate change-makers rally together as one collective. It quickly becomes obvious this is more than the sum total of its parts as the oppressed and invisible are eager to experience the ways of Jesus.

This important relationship of one life, one community, and one collective is unfolded in this Annual Report. This is how you are changing lives today – it’s never been more obvious… or more important. Thank you.
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